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Satans Nightmares: 7 Weird Detective Tales [Illustrated] Norman A. Daniels

Satans Nightmares: 7 Weird Detective Tales [Illustrated]

Norman A. Daniels

Published April 24th 2012
Kindle Edition
149 pages
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 About the Book 

Secret Agent “X”, February 1934CLUES IN THE DARKby Norman A. DanielsAll the pent-up hatred of seven unjust years in stir pounded in the blood of Terry Lane, He fought to conquer that festering evil, for a friend had placed him on his honor. But when Death’s grisly fingers plucked life from a man, Terry shuddered at the . . .5400 WordsSecret Agent “X” , June, 1934MURDER WHEELComplete Noveletteby Norman A. DanielsThrough guarded doors, Death stalked unseen—and left in its wake fiendish murders that baffled the police, killings that turned men’s faces white with fear.Chapter 1 Men Without EyesChapter 2 Wheel of MysteryChapter 3 Shan!Chapter 4 A Daring Move11,400 WordsSecret Agent X , November, 1935CORPSE COLLECTORby Norman A. DanielsCaptain Stone was an office cop till the Shotgun Gang mowed down a buddy in that bank stick-up. Then he decided to turn corpse collector—but the Shotgun Gang wanted Captain Stone for a death decoy, and they were ready to use bullet persuasion.6100 WordsSecret Agent X, March 1936BOOMERANG BLADEBy Norman A. DanielsJason McGee was a fighting Irishman. He fought his way to the bantam crown, fought his way to a first grade detective’s post—and fought his way out of it. He socked a lieutenant on the nose. But now he faced a double-barreled frame that called for more than fists.5500 Words10 Story Detective, September 1943SATAN TURNS THE TIMETABLESby Norman A. Danielsas David M. NormanSteve Abbott didnt believe in ghosts. He was leery when the engineer on Number 74 claimed to have run over a ghost on the track. But when Abbott went out to search for a mangled body, he himself was railroaded into a séance with Satan.4400 Words10-Story Detective, January, 1942CASTLE OF THE DOOMEDby Norman A. Danielsas David M. NormanWhen Detective Sergeant Evans tried to solve the mystery of the hangtree harvest, he found himself out on a lethal limb.5200 Words10-Story Detective, January, 1947WAKE UP TO NIGHTMAREby Norman A. DanielsBecause a wizard of Wall Street had a dream of murder, the department turned it over to matter-of-fact Detective Daley. But when that nightmare vision turned into daytime reality, it took all of Daley’s crime-wise conjuring to bring the killer to bay.5300 WordsThis edition includes the illustrations from the stories, as well as the covers of Secret Agent X and 10-Story Detective from which they came.