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The Suspect John Lescroart

The Suspect

John Lescroart

Published 2007
ISBN : 9780739479223
658 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

THE SUSPECT. (2007). John Lescroart. ****.This was a tightly and meticulously plotted novel by this author that combined the features of both a legal thriller with a police procedural. Stuart Gorman and Caryn Dryden have been married for quite a while and have an eighteen-year-old daughter, Kymberly, who is in the usual throes of rebellion against her parents – drugs, boys, etc. Stuart is a noted nature writer who specializes in fly fishing books. Caryn is a highly respected surgeon who is in the process of putting together a new medical conglomerate, along with being the inventor of a new type of hip joint that will likely net her millions. Together, they make a nice living. When Kymberly leaves home for college – travelling from San Francisco to a school in Portland, Oregon – Caryn tells Stuart that she wants a divorce. Their marriage has been on shaky ground for quite a while and she feels that the time has come, now that their daughter has left home. Stuart has seen this coming, although he is not in favor of it. He takes off for their cabin in the Sierras where he can better deal with his anger. When he finally comes back at the end of a weekend, he discovers his wife, dead in their hot tub. He calls the police and a lawyer friend. When the police arrive, Stuart talks freely – in such a manner that he immediately becomes a “person of interest” to the law. His lawyer friend recommends that he quickly engage an attorney- he’s going to need one. He hooks up with Gina Roake, a partner in a successful law firm. She is an excellent attorney, but has never handled a murder investigation. On top of that, she has been out of action for about three years – still in mourning for her husband who died. Put these characters into the author’s mixer, and what comes out is a classic mystery that grows more intense with each page turned. Recommended.