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A Stroke of Magic (Magic, #2) Tracy Madison

A Stroke of Magic (Magic, #2)

Tracy Madison

Kindle Edition
322 pages
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 About the Book 

A Stroke of Magic takes off right where A Taste of Magic left off only this time we are seeing life through Alice Raymonds eyes.Alice is dealing with being single, pregnant and starting a new carreer when she begins having disturbing dreams and odd occurances. Sitting in a board meeting trying not to drool over her boss, Ethan Gallagher, a woozy feeling comes over her and she grabs for her can of ginger ale and takes a swig only to taste cool peppermint tea. Which is what she wanted, but not what was originally in the can! This is only the start of the weird that leads up to Alice learning she has gypsy magic. Not only gypsy magic, but an interfering great-great-great grandmothers ghost who informs her the needs to use her new found powers to find her soulmate before her baby is born. Needless to say shes not happy with this. Grandma Verda doesnt help by trying to set her up with every man Grandma meets (even those she cons into coming for an artist model gig).In an attempt to placate Grandma Verda, Alice tries to use her magic to draw her soulmate. In a traditional twist, she does manage to draw him....from the back. She cant manage to draw his face no matter how hard she tries. So going on the facts, he has dark hair and a scar, Grandma Verda and Elizabeth try helping her out. It seems that the men she meets are not the one she is slowly falling for but Ethan seems to be off limits at first. Until she decides to follow her heart, but even that gets botched. Will she find her soulmate before her daughter is born? Or will her line be cursed forever?A sweet tale of falling in love. I was enchanted and delighted in turns. Ill definately look forward to more books by Tracy Madison!