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De meute van de dood Robert Calder

De meute van de dood

Robert Calder

Published 1979
204 pages
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 About the Book 

Kicking is valid clarify that the beginning of the book is somewhat tedious , it becomes a small barrier for the reader with little attention, but once overcome that gap roughly on page 30 takes shape slowly and can be seen as our vision becomes black and white , mimicking the dogs .Something that stands out is the large amount of detail that brings us more easily from mental images. Another thing that caught my eye is completely like the book responds to the unknown we raised in the lid completely without blame to a single type of human being , but a variety of them , indicating what the relationship from each character man with dog or a broader picture, from the same society to all species of canines. It is remarkable that the question developed in the beginning of the book is adaptable to humanity with relative ease, rephrasing the question could question : How can a human is transformed into monsters?The story is designed as our galaxy, about a point rotate all things, in this case our sun is the inter relationship of the owners with their dogs, while the rest of the planets are the characters themselves with undoubtedly we feel identified in any opinion or attitude. Appoints only two of them , the first being a parent Bauer divorced with two children who currently lives alone and is dedicated to teaching one day by Orph random destination with a German Shepherd is large size which decides on . And the second is a lumberjack Stokes , quarrelsome and breeder of fighting dogs with a rather questionable ideology dogs. These two characters never meet throughout history but are connected even unknowingly by irresponsibility , mediocrity and destructive upbringing taught him the dogs.